Prepare to Care

Prepare to Care
Tips to Help you Express Love & Respect for Your Elders
By Jenefer Duane, Founder and CEO, Elder Financial Protection Network

Senior citizens deserve and need the care of others now more than ever before.

Today’s fast paced world generally doesn’t slow down enough for seniors to ‘catch up’ and this can leave them vulnerable. Plus many elders are not prepared to fend for themselves when it comes to financial abuse which, unfortunately, is one of the world’s most rapidly growing crimes.

There are things, however, that can be done to better assure the safety of elders who live either nearby or far away.

Here are nine tips that will help keep them safe from harm.
1. Don’t let elders become isolated or allow anyone to isolate them from your or their community call and visit frequently or if you are not close by, set up a support system of neighbors, friends and professionals that will.

2. Plan ahead for financial needs such as bill-paying and banking. Consider hiring a well-vetted neutral party to handle finances to avoid family conflict and then, keep a close eye on them.

3. Familiarize yourself with the resources available to the elder in their community. Consider engaging a geriatric care manager to check in on the elder to assess the need for support and identify local resources.

For 6 more tips and valuable resources for protecting your loved elders read the full article in Big Blend


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